News Flash:In a letter to Mr. Josep Borrell, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission, EICC Secretary General Sunil Prasad has drawn his attention of the shadow army of China’s Communist rulers and its extensive spying machinery at work within the European Union that seems to have infiltrated various spheres of society, business and even institutions across Europe. Secretary General has warned EU that “China’s operations in Brussels extend beyond scholars and journalists; they encompass the active engagement of some former officials of EU institutions. It is therefore important that EU counters China’s act, policies, practices, and operations through strategic measures”.Letter in the link:

News Flash:“EICC warns EU of likely disruption in export of milk and milk products from EU to India due to revised veterinary health certificate (VHC). In a letter to Ms. Stella Kyriakides, EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Secretary General Sunil Prasad urged EU, Ireland & Govt of UK, to engage in further consultations with Indian government to expedite a long-term solution that aims to explore the possibility of either establishing a mutually acceptable Veterinary Health Certificate (VHC) or eliminating the need for VHC altogether. Letter in the link below::

News Flash:“Pakistan is on life support and no amount of EU’s “Oxygen GSP” would save it”, says EICC Secretary General Sunil Prasad in a letter to the EU High Representative Mr Borrell. The Secretary General said that given the state of the affair in Pakistan today, extension of European Union’s trade privilege to Pakistan is benefitting neither and indeed in many ways, the special treatment may have made things far worse for the supposed beneficiaries. The letter in the link:

News Flash:EICC Secretary General Sunil Prasad has urged EU to investigate and prosecute radical Khalistan supporters in the EU countries who provide financial and material support to Khalistan terror groups operating in India. In a letter addressed to EU High Representative Mr. Borrell, Secretary General asked “Would you allow secessionist forces in the EU regions to take shape and size of Khalistan movement, allow them nurturing divisive ideologues, adopt extremism and use violent methods for their objectives?

News Flash:To counter the strategic challenge of “Systemic Rival” China, EU needs swifter and more decisive action, says Secretary General EICC. In a letter addressed to Mr. Josep Borrell, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Vice-President of the European Commission, Secretary General Sunil Prasad said that the rise of China, an empire based on the coercion of unwilling people, has presented liberal democracies with a challenge it has not faced before.

News Flash:Bribery scandal rocks European Parliament – “This we think will go down in history of European Parliament as one of the most shocking, damaging, and unfortunate, and also one the largest scandals in European politics” says EICC General Secretary Sunil Prasad. In a letter addressed to EP President Ms Roberta Metsola, he urged “European Parliament should now take immediate steps to strengthen the law relating to the bribery of, or receipt of a bribe by, a Member of European Parliament. The Parliament should urgently set up a Judicial Commission of Enquiry to undertake an immediate review of the current statute law relating to bribery, with specific reference to those lawmakers who have been involved in this scandal“.

News Flash:“Adoption of the European Union’s Chips Act Position Paper by the Council of Europe on November 28 is a “watershed moment” in EU’s quest to become a dominant player in the global semiconductor ecosystem”, EICC Secretary General Sunil Prasad said in a letter addressed to the EU High Representative Mr Josep Borrell. He however added that the quest for onshoring manufacturing is not necessarily going to be the solution but what will help change is a new strategy on China; a strategy which is sharper, shrewder, smart, and sustainable.

News Flash:“China represents threat to established liberal world order and has become the biggest threat to world peace for many decades. Effective management of this complex relationship will require EU policymakers to move beyond the simplistic thinking of China solely as a rival or enemy” – EICC Secretary General Sunil Prasad said in a letter to the European Commission High Representative. He also warned that EU policy makers will need to abandon notions of collapsing China’s governance anytime soon and they will need to craft responsible and effective policies tailored to the China that exists today and the challenges it poses to EU’s interests and values every day.