News Flash: China is exploiting Pakistan’s current social disorder, political chaos, economic miseries, and financial crisis to advance its economic goals, EICC Secretary-General warns the EU the danger of growing influence of China in Pakistan.

News Flash: In the Ukrainian crisis, China is part of the problem, not the solution, EICC Secretary-General writes to European Union High Representative and Vice President Mr Borrell saying that China is also a combatant in the war.

News Flash: Foreign Subsidies Regulation: cross-industry perspectives
Together with Europe India Chamber of Commerce (EICC) and organisations representing key EU trade and investment partners, AmCham EU released a joint statement sharing views on the proposed EU Regulation on Foreign Subsidies. Read the full statement in the following link.
Foreign Subsidies Regulation: cross-industry perspectives.

News Flash: The defining challenge facing the European Parliament today is understanding how China is infiltrating in the European institutions especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, EICC Secretary General Sunil Prasad writes to the President of the European Parliament Ms. Roberta Metsola. He wrote, “With intensifying its crackdown not just on opposition and dissent, but also on perceived disloyalty, disaffection, policy disagreements and ideological nonconformity, the Chinese government is bent upon influencing the institutions and its members to serve Chinese interest. China is also taking advantage of an incoherent and inconsistent EU policy towards China.” See the link of the letter.