Events 2007

EICC-EIAS-ASSOCHAM-GOPIO Trade and Business Summit
December 2007

Dynamics of Mergers and Acquisitions and Role of Corporate Governance 3-4 December 2007, Brussels (Belgium)
For the last one decade, India has been at the forefront of the global business and political landscape and the rise of India is one of the defining stories of this century. So what is it that drives India? Is it the prowess in information technology? Is it the foreign investments and favourable economic policies? Or is it its billion people who help create and consume global products? It is perhaps all of these, and a bit more – it is the Indian Dream. But perhaps some of the most important impacts are yet to be experienced by the west. As companies in India restructure in the new economic environment, many are now spreading their wings and, encouraged by their governments, investing overseas. The eventual consequences of this trend will be felt in economies, companies and markets in the west but will also transform the corporate landscape in India. Mergers & Acquisitions have become the new hallmark of the Indian MNCs. it is therefore a good time to find out if India is also ready to give the same free space to European and other overseas business entities.

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EIAS – EICC Seminar
May, 2007

An expanding Indian economy and the challenges to Social Entrepreneurship Monday, 21st May, 2007 Embassy of India, Brussels Belgium

The European Institute for Asian Studies (EIAS) and the Embassy of India, Brussels, in association with the Europe India Chamber of Commerce, were pleased to welcome Professor Eugénio Monteiro, Head of Department and Professor of Human Behaviour in Organisations and of Social Entrepreneurship, AESE Business School, Lisbon, to speak at the Embassy of India on the nature and development of the Indian economy with reference to the role played by social entrepreneurship.

At a time when the EU and India are in the process of negotiating a Free Trade Agreement, how can business expect to become more involved in helping to promote social entrepreneurship, as an element in their corporate social responsibility programmes? This could include participation in education, healthcare, infrastructure and poverty alleviation.

Dr Monteiro is a Visiting Professor at the Instituto Internacional San Telmo in Seville, Spain, and at the Instituto Internacioal Bravo Murillo, Canary Islands, Spain, and is currently the President of the Portugal-India Friendship Association. Dr Monteiro has published widely in Público, Expresso, Diário Económico, Fortunas & Negócios and reports on the Grameen Bank, Infosys and Fundaçãco Gulbenkian.