Events 2008

EICC Trade Workshop on EU-India FTA
November 2008

The EICC organized a Trade Workshop on 11 November 2008 in the European Parliament to discuss new developments and emerging dynamics in the EU-India trade negotiation. The event was being jointly organized by the EICC and the European Parliament Rapporteur on EU-India Free Trade Agreement Member of European Parliament Mr. Sajjad Karim in association with the Embassy of India. In addition to representatives of bilateral/national EU Indian Chambers of Commerce under the auspices of the Europe India Chamber of Commerce (EICC), European and Indian Policy makers shared their experience and discuss business opportunities arising out of the EU-India Free Trade Agreement. The Workshop was held in Room ASP 5E2 in the European Parliament was organized in the background of several Rounds of the EU-India FTA negotiations during this year. The Workshop’s aim was to examine the feasibility of enhancing trade in goods and services under the EU – India FTA, identify trade barriers, analyse the commitments made by the EU and India and to suggest how these can be addressed under the FTA. In addition to discussing the economic reforms needed to improve the productivity and global competitiveness of the respective sectors of Indian economy, the Workshop was expected to provide critical inputs for the trade agreement negotiations and to discuss how to unlock further investment channels in India and at the same time offer new opportunities for European business.

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EICC Roundtable on Pharmaceutical Industry
September 2008

EICC is pleased to announce that the High Level Roundtable on Pharmaceutical Industry was held in Brussels on 22 September 2008. The Roundtable being organized in association with the Embassy of India was held in the European Parliament. This Roundtable was the first of its kind being organized by any Chamber and brought together leading drug manufacturers from India and Europe, representatives of the European Commission and representatives of the Drug manufacturers associations in Europe and India. The Roundtable, in addition to exploring cooperation in research and development, addressed specific issues and factors that hinder market access opportunities of the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical related products of Indian drug manufactures into Europe and vice-versa. The Roundtable provided the Drug manufacturers an opportunity to discuss implementation strategies on a range of compliance issues which still afflict the industry.

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