Global India Business Meeting 2012
24-25 June, Antwerp, Belgium

The Flemish government hosted the Global India Business Meeting 2012 in Antwerp

The Flemish government hosted the Global India Business Meeting 2012 in Antwerp, the city of diamond on 24-25 June 2012. Over 300 business leaders representing multinationals, large corporations, small and medium-scale enterprises and confederations, multilateral and regional institutions from Europe and India were gathered in Antwerp for a two-day meet to boost trade and economic links.

Europe India Chamber of Commerce (EICC) was the key collaborator of the Horasis GIBM 2012 event and coordinated relentlessly and vigorously with Flanders Investment and Trade and other local Chambers.

The summit was aimed at strengthening the Belgo-India trade and economic relations and offer opportunities for business collaboration in the two countries Although it was hoped that the global economic situation will improve in the next few months by the time the event is held, the business summit however took place in the midst of global economic uncertainty, ever unfolding Eurozone economic crisis and challenges faced by Indian business leaders on doing business with Europe. The summit therefore assumed special significance as to how Indian and global business can join together to avoid economic recession and how global business leaders address this challenges. This was the fourth such meeting being organised by Horasis focusing India, and was indeed one of the most important trade and investment events outside India.Global India Business Meeting 2011 was held in Naples on 26-27 June and EICC played an important role in the organization of the event.

The business sessions of the Summit was followed by a Special Session: Flanders – Your Gateway for Doing Business in Europe. The subjects and themes of the other sessions include Monitoring Economies of Transition; Flourishing the ‘Indian Spring’; Tapping Resources and Potentials of the Indian Diaspora; India: Thrive on Risk.

India and World Economic Outlook was theme of the Opening Plenary. “EU-India – New Partnership, New Possibilities” and “India’s New Breed of Multinationals” were other important plenary sessions of the GIBM 2012. Closing Plenary, “Towards Inclusive Growth” focused on an Action Plan for the Next Three Years.

Themes of the Boardroom Dialogue Sessions include: Managing Investments in India; Entrepreneurship Imperative; Exploring the Future of Financial Services; Infrastructure for Growth and Development; Indian Firms Investing Overseas: An Integrated Vision; Renewables and Cleantech; Made in India – Made in Belgium; Making ‘Made in India’ a Preferred Tag; Technology and Innovation: The Next Wave; Education: Spearheading the Future; The Diamond Industry: Featuring Indo-Flemish Joint Success, Creative Industries – Charting the Way Forward.

The GIBM 2012 called upon the Indian government to monitor and support growth initiatives and take critical policy actions to further unlock the vast potential of economic growth aiming and focusing towards the inclusive growth to enable the vast majority of Indians to participate in the globalization process.

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