EICC releases book on “Indian Companies In Belgium” in TIPS 2014

EICC publication “Indian Companies in Belgium” was released during the opening of the Summit.

This publication, the first of its kind, provides an overview of India-Belgium relations and showcases India’s engagement with Belgium through various Indian companies based in and operating out of Belgium. The publication draws on an extensive collection of research, statistical data and interviews with a variety of stakeholders, and demonstrates India’s burgeoning relationship with an important partner country in Europe. The purpose of this exercise is to capture the extent of India’s commercial presence in Belgium through its companies. This publication has two-fold objectives: to foster India’s bilateral relations with Belgium and to demonstrate India’s growing presence in a region of economic and political salience.

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Trade and Investment Partnership Summit 2014 (TIPS 2014) 20-21 November 2014, Brussels

EICC mega business summit, the Trade and Investment Partnership Summit (TIPS) 2014 was held on 20-21 November 2014 in Brussels around the theme “EU-India Strategic Partnership: Beyond the Lost Decade: What will it take for European and Indian Businesses to make it work?”.

The TIPS 2014 had a special relevance to the Chamber as it marked the 10th anniversary of the EICC and also the 10th anniversary for the European Union-India Strategic Partnership Agreement which was signed on 8th November 2004, during the Fifth EU-India Summit in The Hague. The EICC commemorated its 10th anniversary in the service of promoting trade and economic relations between India and the European Union. Founded on 4 October 2004, EICC speaks for multilateral rule based trading system and improvement in European and Indian competitiveness. The chamber is realizing its mission through high level strategic dialogue and debate in which trade, commerce, economic and bilateral issues – political and strategic – are intensively discussed. EICC has been headquartered in Brussels from where it serves EU-India economic relations nationally and internationally. While the TIPS 2013 held on 16 October 2013 marked the 50 years of India’s engagement with the European Union, the TIPS 2014 celebrated 10 years of the EU-India Strategic Partnership. The Summit was organized in partnership with Eurochambres / EBTC (EICC is the newest partner of the EBTC programmes and activities) and in collaboration with Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and The Friends of Europe (FoE). The Media India Group was the Media Partner of the Summit.

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EICC partnered with the Indian Embassy to launch “Make in India”
26 September 2014, Brussels, Belgium

The Europe India Chamber of Commerce partnered with the Indian Embassy for the Launch of “Make in India” on the 26th September in the Embassy premises.

The event started with screening of the launch of “Make in India” Portal by the Prime Minister of India on 25 September and address of the Prime Minister to launch the Project. Prime Minister had made a sales pitch to the world’s top 3,000 companies when he launched his “Make in India” campaign on the 25th September picking up from the slogan he introduced in his August 15 Independence Day speech. The campaign seeks to present India as a global manufacturing hub; 25 of its priority sectors include “Make in India-Pharma”, “Make in India-Auto Component” and “Make in India-Bio-tech”.

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Indian election policy analysis hopes for better relations with Europe, and a resurgent India

From an international perspective, Narendra Modi’s ascension to the Prime Minister’s office raises two questions. Will India adopt a more strident and bellicose foreign policy than it did under Manmohan Singh, an Oxbridge-educated economist, and his Congress party? And will the new government succeed in rebooting India’s “economic miracle,” which has sputtered in recent years? Indians and people the world over will be watching to see how far Modi goes in the direction of liberalization. After five years of India being the sick man of Asia, foreign governments seem universally to want New Delhi back on its feet. What do the Modi government means for India’s foreign and security policies? How different will this government be from the previous BJP-led National Democratic Alliance government from 1998–2004? Will there be continuity or change on key issues from the Congress-led UPA government of the past ten years? What will this mean for India’s neighbours, especially Pakistan and China, and post-2014 Afghanistan? What about relations with the US and the Russia? Can we expect any ‘surprises’ on foreign affairs from Prime Minister Modi? These were some of the views expressed during the Policy Analysis meeting which Friends of Europe organised together with EICC on 12 June in Brussels. The discussion was attended by business leaders, officials of the European Commission, European Parliament, Government of Belgium, representatives of NGOs, representatives of various diplomatic Missions, and journalists.

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India has huge potential to attract FDI from Europe, says EICC Study Report

The Head of the EU Delegation to India Mr. João Cravinho on 7 May 2014 in New Delhi released the EICC Study Report titled: European Companies in India: Reigniting Economic Growth at a glittering function in Hotel Leela Palace organized jointly by European Business Group India, Europe India Chamber of Commerce and European Business and Technology Centre. A large number of business leaders and diplomats from various countries were present on the occasion. The Report authored by Adith Charlie has been produced with the joint collaboration between EICC and EBTC and is a follow up of the EICC Report titled: Indian Companies in the European Union: Reigniting economic Growth produced last year.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. João Cravinho said that he appreciated the effort of the Chamber for producing the Report which follows one year after the launch by the EICC of a Report titled: “Indian Companies in Europe: Reigniting Economic Growth” dedicated to Indian investment Europe.

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