Media & Reports 2021

21 June 2021

EICC in a letter to the European Commission President asks EU to take hard line approach on China.

“If the EU fails to respond to this unprecedented challenge posed by China, the levels of trust in EU institutions and its values in democracy, and in fair trade, will see a precipitous decline. To save its founding principles, the EU must act before it is too late. The 21st century cannot be allowed to become China’s century and China cannot be allowed to become “deadlier” than the Corona”, EICC in a letter to the European Commission President asks EU to take hard line approach on China. See the letter in the link:

01 June 2021

EICC letter to European Commission President Ms. Ursula von der Leyen on Covid and EU’s China Challenge

“The investment treaty with EU will give China and its party apparatus a “Free Pass” to weaken the role of European democratic norms and overturn vital economic and other components of order from which China itself has benefitted for decades”, the Chamber’s Secretary General said in a letter to the European Commission President. Expressing concern about the origin of the COVID-19, Chamber said “The EU is at its best when setting standards and it is high time that EU takes lead, together with international community, in developing mechanism for enforcing international scientific research safeguards and how to operate in countries like China which lacks a good regulatory and ethical review process, and where they cannot be enforced reasonably”.

04 May 2021

EICC writes to the President of the European Parliament Mr. Sassoli.

Chamber writes to the President of European Parliament Mr. Sassoli to direct European Commission to withdraw GSP plus status to Pakistan. It says that allowing Pakistan to continue benefitting from preferential EU trade rules despite strong international concerns over its human rights abuses threatens EU’s credibility and we appeal to the European Parliament to direct the European Commission to ask Pakistan to repeal the blasphemy laws, and until the law is repealed, withdraw the GSP status given to the country.

28 April 2021

EICC letter to EU President Ms. Ursula von der Leyen on India’s Covid-19 crisis.

EICC thanks European Commission President for the swift action for activating the EU Civil Protection Mechanism and mobilizing urgently needed critical medical supplies, and other assistance to India to help overcome the health crisis in the wake of the rise in COVID-19 pandemic infection rates.

12 April 2021

EICC Statement for the 16th EU-India Summit to held in Portugal on 8 May 2021


04 January 2021

EICC asks EU to kick-start the stalled free trade negotiations with India as it fears that EU and India may be sleepwalking their way to another lost decade on the FTA negotiation.