Media & Reports 2022

17 December 2022

Bribery scandal rocks European Parliament – “This we think will go down in history of European Parliament as one of the most shocking, damaging, and unfortunate, and also one the largest scandals in European politics” says EICC General Secretary Sunil Prasad. In a letter addressed to EP President Ms Roberta Metsola, he urged “European Parliament should now take immediate steps to strengthen the law relating to the bribery of, or receipt of a bribe by, a Member of European Parliament. The Parliament should urgently set up a Judicial Commission of Enquiry to undertake an immediate review of the current statute law relating to bribery, with specific reference to those lawmakers who have been involved in this scandal”.

08 December 2022

“Adoption of the European Union’s Chips Act Position Paper by the Council of Europe on November 28 is a “watershed moment” in EU’s quest to become a dominant player in the global semiconductor ecosystem”, EICC Secretary General Sunil Prasad said in a letter addressed to the EU High Representative Mr Josep Borrell. He however added that the quest for onshoring manufacturing is not necessarily going to be the solution but what will help change is a new strategy on China; a strategy which is sharper, shrewder, smart, and sustainable.

03 October 2022

“China represents threat to established liberal world order and has become the biggest threat to world peace for many decades. Effective management of this complex relationship will require EU policymakers to move beyond the simplistic thinking of China solely as a rival or enemy” – EICC Secretary General Sunil Prasad said in a letter to the European Commission High Representative. He also warned that EU policy makers will need to abandon notions of collapsing China’s governance anytime soon and they will need to craft responsible and effective policies tailored to the China that exists today and the challenges it poses to EU’s interests and values every day.

19 July 2022

Crisis in Sri Lanka is a wake-up call for EU – EICC Secretary General Sunil Prasad warns EU President Ms. Ursula von der Leyen that “as Sri Lanka descents into further chaos, economic and political, it is a matter of grave concern not only for India but also to the West and EU, because of the island nation’s geo-strategic location and close business proximity with China.

05 July 2022

Targeting India for buying Russian oil smacks Europe’s hypocrisy amid policy paralysis. The EICC Secretary General Sunil Prasad in his article defends India’s Russia policy in the ongoing Ukraine war and explains the geo-politics of the region and India’s strategic geo-economic interest in keeping its Russia line alive. Here is the article:.

10 June 2022

Does China deserve to have a special investment agreement with EU? Absolutely Not. The Chamber’s Secretary General urges European Parliament President to take note of the challenges of China in the context of EP’s resolution on organ harvesting in China.

22 May 2022

China is exploiting Pakistan’s current social disorder, political chaos, economic miseries, and financial crisis to advance its economic goals, EICC Secretary General warns EU the danger of growing influence of China in Pakistan.

11 April 2022

In the Ukrainian crisis, China is part of the problem, not the solution, EICC Secretary-General writes to European Union High Representative and Vice President Mr Borrell saying that China is also a combatant in the war.

16 February 2022

Foreign Subsidies Regulation: cross-industry perspectives
Together with Europe India Chamber of Commerce (EICC) and organisations representing key EU trade and investment partners, AmCham EU released a joint statement sharing views on the proposed EU Regulation on Foreign Subsidies. Read the full statement in the following link:
Foreign Subsidies Regulation: cross-industry perspectives

21 January 2022

The defining challenge facing the European Parliament today is understanding how China is infiltrating in the European institutions especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, EICC Secretary General Sunil Prasad writes to the President of the European Parliament Ms. Roberta Metsola. He wrote, “With intensifying its crackdown not just on opposition and dissent, but also on perceived disloyalty, disaffection, policy disagreements and ideological nonconformity, the Chinese government is bent upon influencing the institutions and its members to serve Chinese interest. China is also taking advantage of an incoherent and inconsistent EU policy towards China.” See the link of the letter