Membership options

The EICC membership is open to all business houses, small or big, in Europe and India, interested in doing business in the partner country. The Chamber offers three types of membership: Corporate (Gold), Associate Corporate (silver) and Individual (Bronze). Chamber’s goal is to work diligently to ensure complete satisfaction of its stakeholders and to provide them opportunities or their business development. EICC works closely with institutions such as Diplomatic Missions, European Parliament, European Commission, etc. By joining us you will be a part of this dynamic group of leaders. EICC represents many different industries across Europe and India as diverse as banking, pharmaceutical, energy manufacturing, construction and professions like law and accountancy. The Chamber’s strength allows the organization to offer a wide variety of programs and services to support both large and small businesses. These services, among others, include:

  • access to EICC’s Euro-Indian network
  • access to up-to date, relevant business information
  • promotional & advertising opportunities
  • strategic partnership prospects
  • trade mission representation
  • legislative advocacy etc.

Our monthly electronic newsletter will keep you ahead of the news on the latest economic development, public policies and events. Whatever the size of your business, EICC can act as your vital link between Europe and India as it opens the door to new business and vast networking opportunities, information and expertise – all aimed at assisting your business grow and prosper. Our events attract hundreds of businessmen and women every year from across Europe and India. By becoming member of our chamber, we can assist you in taking advantage of the economic and policy developments in India towards foreign direct investment, regulatory framework, taxation policies, market opportunities, etc. Membership option is defined below:

  • The Corporate Membership is 3000 Euros per year.
  • The Business (Professional) Corporate Membership is 2000 Euros per year.
  • The Associate Membership is 1000 Euros per year.

With the expertise and involvement of members, we create awareness in the community and create a presence of the Indo European community. Perhaps you want to fine tune your leadership skills and business network. Or maybe you just want to feel like you are making a difference. We are always on the lookout for talented and enthusiastic individuals who, want to dedicate their time and energy to help lead us to fulfil our purpose.