Trade and Investment Partnership Summit 2014 (TIPS 2014) 20-21 November 2014, Brussels

The EICC mega business summit, the Trade and Investment Partnership Summit (TIPS) 2014 was held on 20-21 November 2014 in Brussels around the theme “EU-India Strategic Partnership: Beyond the Lost Decade: What will it take for European and Indian Businesses to make it work?”.

The TIPS 2014 had a special relevance to the Chamber as it marked the 10th anniversary of the EICC and also the 10th anniversary for the European Union-India Strategic Partnership Agreement which was signed on 8th November 2004, during the Fifth EU-India Summit in The Hague. The EICC commemorated its 10th anniversary in the service of promoting trade and economic relations between India and the European Union. Founded on 4 October 2004, EICC speaks for multilateral rule based trading system and improvement in European and Indian competitiveness. The chamber is realizing its mission through high level strategic dialogue and debate in which trade, commerce, economic and bilateral issues – political and strategic – are intensively discussed. EICC has been headquartered in Brussels from where it serves EU-India economic relations nationally and internationally. While the TIPS 2013 held on 16 October 2013 marked the 50 years of India’s engagement with the European Union, the TIPS 2014 celebrated 10 years of the EU-India Strategic Partnership. The Summit was organized in partnership with Eurochambres / EBTC (EICC is the newest partner of the EBTC programmes and activities) and in collaboration with Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and The Friends of Europe (FoE). The Media India Group was the Media Partner of the Summit. The objective of the Trade and Investment Partnership Summit (TIPS) was to build an innovative relationship by exploring the dynamics of changing Europe through discussion and exchange of ideas among high profile business leaders, experts from wide range of discipline, policy makers from Europe and India. The Summit discussed strategies for promoting SMEs in EU-India Economic Cooperation; entrepreneurial spirit of Indian CEOs to help India face the challenges of change; putting Clean-Tech and Green Growth at the heart of Development Strategies; emerging trends in Renewable Energy; strengthening dialogue and consultation mechanism on the Intellectual Property Rights Protection in India; emerging business opportunities for EU-India Cooperation in the Higher Education System in India; meeting the Challenges of Urbanization through Infrastructure Development in India; EU-India Free Trade Negotiation; harnessing Intellectual Capital of Indian Diaspora for creating better understanding in business and culture. The summit also discussed the broader side of the trade related issues such as regulatory and legal framework, taxation policies and other incentives in India and Europe. The Summit made comprehensive overview of India-EU relations in content and context and suggested ways to give it a strategic dimension, and served as a key platform offering an unparalleled access to a full spectrum of industry leaders, business executives, representatives of the European Commission to share their views on issues related to trade and investment. The IPR was the signature theme of the Summit Sessions.

TIPS 2014 Concept Note & Program

Program Framework TIPS 2014

TIPS 2014 Flyer

Working paper

Full Report of Summit : Chamber successfully organizes TIPS with calls to deepen EU-India trade and business ties

Presentation by Poul V. Jensen – What EU Business need to know about cleantech in India

Presentation by Alexandra Sombsthay, European Commission – The EU Renewable Energy Policy & opportunities for enhanced EU-India business development

Presentation by Rajendra Shende – Action on Climate Change

Presentation by Jorge Marti Moreno – How European companies could assist India

Presentation by Ludo Diels -Importance of bioeconomy Road Map EU – India Collaboration on Biomass and Biowaste

Presentation by Arvind Chopra -Intellectual Property, Technology Transfer and International Cooperation at EBTC in India

Presentation by Adarsh Ramanujan – Recent developments in Indian Patent Laws to boost trade between EU and India with a focus on biotechnology

Presentation by Loyens Loeff -Intellectual Property Rights and Technology Transfer – Need for right Approach

Presentation by Rajaram Mohan MUNUSWAMY -Indian Diaspora

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