Trade and Investment Partnership Summit (TIPS) 2015
TIPS 2015 held in the European Parliament on 30th September 2015

Changing Dynamics in EU-India Relations: Business & Strategic Implications in the Next Decade

Chamber’s flagship mega annual business event Trade and Investment Partnership Summit [TIPS] 2015 took place in the European Parliament on 30 September 2015. The theme of the Summit was “Changing Dynamics in EU-India Relations: Business & Strategic Implications in the Next Decade” and was different from the other summit. The TIPS 2015 addressed the issues based on the outcome of the TIPS 2014. The Summit was organized in partnership with Eurochambres / EBTC with whom EICC has been collaborating for last several years; and in collaboration with Indian Chamber of Commerce and The Friends of Europe. The Summit took note of the specific issues such as what will it take India to become the Global Manufacturing Hub in the context of “Make in India”, EU – India FTA, Skill Development,India’s quest for Green and Clean Energy, current state of Regulatory Environment and how EU and India can work together on Infrastructure and Urbanization, India’s health care crisis, etc.

Working paper for EICC TIPS 2015

TIPS 2015 – Program

Pictures and videos taken during the TIPS 2015

Presentation by Dr. Anil Koul, Janssen R & D and Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceuticals, Confronting India’s Health Care Challenges: Pharma’s role in addressing the public health issues

Presentation by Filip De Beule, Faculty of Economics and Business, KU Leuven University, Belgium, FDI in India

Presentation by Jean Jouet, President, CMI Industry, Belgium : CMI and India

Presentation by Arvind Chopra – Head IPR, EBTC: Regulatory Environment – IPR Issues

Presentation by Aniruddha Sharma, Carbon Clean Solutions, UK – Capturing the value of CO2 emissions by carbon capture & reuse

Presentation by Mario J. Moya, MIT Enterprise Forum Spain, – Building Innovation-driven Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Presentation by Fopke Klok, Director (ITEA3), EUREKA – Global cooperation in EUREKA, a Cluster’s perspective

Presentation by Tanguy Huybrechs-Tondreau -India’s Quest for Green and Clean Energy What Role for Wallonia?

Presentation by Ranvir Nayar, Managing Director, Media India Ltd. France – Skilling India with Global Approach

Presentation by Regina Llopis, CEO, AIA Group, Spain – European Innovation Transfer and India Electricity System Growth Challenges